What does Omega Phi Alpha focus on?

Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority lives out its name every day. We are a group of women who have strong roots in philanthropy and service. We have completed various service projects on campus, in the State College community, domestically and internationally. However, we realize we would not be able to accomplish anything without the four strong pillars in which we are founded on

  • Service:  As mentioned before, we have on going service projects throughout the year that focus on mental health, mentorship, sustainability and more. We are always looking to volunteer for new organizations and find new projects, so we encourage our sisters to bring their passions to life through finding new opportunities  

  • Friendship: Where would we be without our sisters? Omega Phi Alpha provides a strong network of active and alumna sisters who are always ready to go on an adventure or hang out. Nothing is better than making the world a little more beautiful with people you love.

  • Leadership: Our sisters come from a multitude of backgrounds but all have the same thread of leadership coursing through their veins. There are many leadership opportunities within the sorority such as Chair Positions and liaisons and the Executive Board. If you're a sports fanatic, we want to see you take our IM to the next level. If you're passionate about THON, we know you can make a difference as a THON Chair. However, leadership opportunities do not stop at our organizations. We have sisters heavily involved in extracurricular leadership positions such as Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, THON volunteers, and executive members of other clubs and organizations. We realize the values that keep us connected as a service sorority translate into other leadership positions, and our sisters are there encouraging you along the way.   

  • Scholarship: We have a strong academic presence, as all the sisters push each other to achieve things both in and out of the classroom. We are proud to say we have the highest GPA of any sorority on campus! That's because our sisters lend a helping hand across all majors, participate in weekly study hours, connect others with jobs, classes, and network bases and know that educational resources can contribute to making the world a little brighter every day. 

Who is eligible to join?

Any student with at least 14 Penn State credits is eligible to join Omega Phi Alpha. Previous service experience is strongly encouraged, as it the common strong thread that ties us all together. No necessary majors are required. We have girls from every college within Penn State, from Business to Bio Behavioral Health.

Do I have to meet any academic requirements?

Omega Phi Alpha requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 to rush. 

Does it cost money to join Omega Phi Alpha?

Omega Phi Alpha has dues that range from $200-$300 per semester depending on the size of active sisters. This money is used for insurance, National fees, service projects, sisterhood events and other costs that help Omega Phi Alpha continue its mission on Penn State's campus. We try our hardest to economize every cost, which is why we have payment plans and cost-effective purchases. 

Does Omega Phi Alpha have on-campus housing?

Yes! Our housing is located on the first floor of Ewing Hall in South Halls. It is right next to Redifer Commons, making it an easy walk for Late Night or a quick Louie's snack.

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